5 Ways On How To Make New Girl Friends

Are you an introvert? Has COVID sheltered you and made it hard for you to meet people in public? Do you just have no idea on how to make new girl friends?

Well, don’t worry. I have written and explained 5 various ways on how you can make new girl friends today!

But first, DISCLAIMER! 

Let’s face it. Sometimes we say, “I wish I had more friends.” But then don’t take initiative to socialize when invited to go out or put no effort into meeting new people when we are out. 

In order for any of these suggestions to work YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE EFFORT AND HAVE A DESIRE TO MEET NEW PEOPLE. 

Are you ready to socialize? If so, let's begin with my first suggestion on how to meet new girl friends today!

1. Join Extracurricular Activity

Is there a random activity you’ve always wanted to do? For example, here are a list of things i’ve always wanted to try:

  • Take a cooking class
  • Learn another language
  • Take a sewing class
  • Make pottery
  • Learn how to play pool 

What extracurricular activity have you always wanted to try or do? 

The best way to make new friends is by choosing an extracurricular activity you are interested in, find where this extracurricular activity is near you, sign up and meet and mingle with others who are also participating

Seems simple, right? Yes. It can be

To an extrovert it can also be a no-brainer this is done daily. 

Yet, if you are an introvert like me it will take a little more effort. If you feel uncomfortable finding and doing an extracurricular activity on your own then bring a friend you already know. If no one can go with you then take the time to do this task when YOU ARE READY. 

2. Join Online Social Groups


Yes, unfortunately (but FORTUNATELY) everything can be done online! Not only dating but meeting new friends as well.

I personally have not had experience joining an app with the purpose of meeting new girl friends; however, my experience alone with using dating apps I have met a lot of genuine and down to earth male friends. 

If I am meeting male friends on a dating app then I wouldn’t be surprised if an app for meeting new girl friends isn’t just as effective.

I’ve personally met people who have experienced using apps to meet friends and have seen online how popular it is to do this.

Here, I'll list some of the apps I have heard of and have seen online as well. 

Hey! Vina

This is an app I just recently came across online which I am VERY intrigued to try! The app describes themselves as a “tinder for (girl) friends.” 

This app promotes positivity and women empowerment. They not only help you to find new girl friends but provide articles “for living your best life.”

Must I say, what a genius idea on how they promote themselves! 

Who wouldn’t want to join a women empowerment app?

Bumble BFF /BIZZ

Another app similar to tinder but where you swipe left or right to meet a new friend! 

This app is a commonly used app not only for finding friends but to make an intimate connection or network with others on a business level.

As an entrepreneur, this is another app I would be interested in. Even with using their Bumble Bizz section. Sometimes you want a friend you can talk business with as well.

Just like Bumble for dating, the ladies still have the upper hand when it comes to the Bumble Bizz section as well. 

Ladies, you have the power to choose to message the man first. If you're looking for a male business partner that is. 

(I know this blog is for finding female friends, but I still had to highlight how this app gives women the upper-hand. That’s all.) 


Meetup is a perfect app for one to meet new friends in a group setting and not have to worry about taking initiative in picking out the first meet up spot.

Find friends with similar interests in an activity and do exactly that!

As an introvert, a group setting isn’t usually my thing. Yet, the pressure of speaking first or having to come up with the next topic to talk about can be less intimidating in a group setting. So, if you're an introvert like me - I’d say still give it a try!

3. Open Up To Those Around You

Sometimes, we don’t have to search far for a friend. Our potential BFF could be standing right in front of us. 

Sometimes we don’t open up to those around us because we are afraid to or lack energy in doing so. 

Or (in most cases) we are afraid to mix our personal life with someone at our job, the gym we go to and so forth.

Take a chance and open up to someone at your job, the gym you go to or wherever you're currently at on a daily basis.

 If you feel they have the same demeanor, similar core values and characteristics as you then give it a try by talking with them! 

If you don’t feel comfortable right off the bat then start with small talk, find out what similar interests you both hold and move forward from there.

4. Go to Local Events

There are ALWAYS local events going on. No matter how BIG or how small the event is. There is most likely an event going on right now near you!

Obviously, you have to be an extrovert to be able to go to a local event by yourself. If you're not, IT’S OKAY.

Again, take a friend if it makes you feel comfortable or choose a low key event you’ll feel comfortable attending to by yourself.

There are various ways to find an event going on near your neighborhood:

  • Search on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform by simply searching events in your city on the search bar, looking up hashtags or search by location
  • Search on google: “Events going on near me today
  • Look to see if your city has their own event page by searching on Google 

5. Reach Out To People On Social Media


As a business owner, one thing I've appreciated the most about instagram is meeting so many phenomenal women from other states.

I may not be able to see them on a daily basis. But, I still view them as huge supporters and friends I can lean towards when I need advice or come across self doubt. 

If I can meet genuine people on social media then SO CAN YOU!

When you come across someone you can relate to on social media - simply reach out!

Trust me, replying to their post or story can lead to a full conversation. 

Before you know it you’ve gotten closer with this person compared to someone you work with for 20 years. (A little over exaggerating. But, you get the idea.)

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