Woman of The Month: Joshlyn Good

I am proud to announce Joshlyn Good as WOMAN OF THE MONTH ! Please enjoy learning more about Joshlyn and her inspiration behind her business.



Joshlyn, please explain what type of business do you run and what type of products or services do you offer?
I own a jewelry business.I design and make various pieces (with a heavy use of copper wire). I make pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and other accessories for wear. 

 What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as a small business owner, and how have you overcome them?
Managing time between my everyday work life and business life. I have to make sure i am giving each aspect of my life it’s due attention, while also taking care of my mind and body.
How has being a small business owner contributed to your personal growth and development?


It has helped me understand that i am capable of doing so much with these two hands of mine!
Meeting new customers and other small business owners help me get out of my comfort shell, be more social and learn more about the people in my community.
Given your experiences and success as a woman business owner, how do you actively inspire and support the next generation of aspiring female entrepreneurs?


I have met other people who are interested in starting their own jewelry making career/hobby. I always try to encourage others by telling them, “just try it out and see what your thing is. Be it wire or bead weaving, try it. Start with something small”
Sometimes we just need that extra reassurance.



Website: www.sunmoonandbeads.com

Instagram: Sunmoonbeads

Facebook: Sun moon beads

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