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Inner Beauty Candle

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Damask Rose + Lavender

"Ignite Your Inner Beauty" with our handcrafted soy candle, made in collaboration with Inspo Candle Co., where each flickering flame serves as a gentle reminder of the beauty and radiance that resides within you, inspiring self-appreciation and inner strength.

Light your candle and let its warm glow illuminate your space, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity. As you bask in the soft, comforting light, immerse yourself in our curated item for a cozy interior design.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of solace with our thoughtfully chosen piece which evokes a sense of comfort and elegance. Embrace the harmonious fusion of candlelight and cozy design, allowing your surroundings to embrace you in a soothing embrace of beauty and warmth.


- Handmade
- Soy Candle
- 8 oz Reusable Jar
- 45+ Hours of Burn Time