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Women In The Medical Field Sticker

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Empower and celebrate women in the medical field with our inspiring sticker!

This high-quality vinyl sticker features a bold and vibrant design that showcases the strength, dedication, and resilience of women in medicine.

Perfect for laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more, this sticker is a fantastic way to show your support for female healthcare professionals.

Whether you're a medical student, a healthcare worker, or simply an advocate for gender equality in the field, this sticker is a powerful statement that highlights the invaluable contributions of women in medicine.

Join us in promoting diversity and inclusion in healthcare – get your women in the medical field sticker today!


-Height - 2.124"
-Width - 3"

Use Sticker For
-Laptop, notebook, journal, phone, water canteen, etc.

Is the Sticker Waterproof?
-Yes. For example, you can wash your water canteen with the sticker. It is best to hand wash any item you place your sticker on for longevity.